Born in Chicago, Illinois, I studied philosophy and science at St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and after graduation left for Paris where I spent several years training at Beaux Arts de Paris, receiving a degree in painting from their "Renaissance"-style program.  I have been living and working in Paris ever since.  These two learning experiences have merged into a  philosophical pursuit, but one that is concrete, non-verbal -- painting, an art that combines thought and sensation as a tactile visual experience. 


During the late 80's and early 90's, I worked on the series entitled "Vanitas", inspired by the 17th century Dutch metaphysical still-life paintings, I combined aspects of my personal life (my children, sunflowers, my dining room window) with images with a more universal resonance (angels, planets, Unicef photographs of suffering children), all merging in limitless space.


Later in the 90's, I began exploring a simpler still-life tradition by painting from life.  Bodily sensations of weight and balance are elicited through the spatial tension inherent in color contrasts to create a tangible, tactile, and sensual feeling of movement and weight on the canvas.  The "Cosmic Fruit", "Tropisms" and "Magnolias" series are all investigations of the outside world, painted by moving inward to feel deep kinetic sensations that are embodied in paint – small bodies, moving in space, jostling each other; plants turning and twisting as they seek the light. 


Further investigation of bodily experience and the desire to investigate representaiton of women's bodies generated another series, "Phases", in the late 90's and early 00's, where I use a Polaroid camera to "paint" myself with film and light, pointing the camera at myself without using the viewfinder.  When I show these photographs, I use the exhibit format to create a visual and sensual link between my body and "heavenly bodies" like the planets (“Phases, Dissilient”). 


Current series explore our feelings of body in space and time in relation to the cosmos.  "Clothed in Space" explores surrounding/containement as woman's body melts into a closed, chaotic environment made of dry traces of an aquatic mixture, floating in white light.  "Women in Water" depicts a tangible, sensual environment that supports the women as they explore surface and depth, inner and outer, where paint becomes a vehicle for interpenetration of body, spirit, and world.


Since the early 2000's I have also been involved in several public art projects and commissions from American trade unions, often in collaboration with Kathleen Farrell and the Friends of Community Public Art, a not-for-profit organization based in Joliet, Illinois.  This gives me an opportunity to confront my vision with the needs and aspirations of communities.